Sweet Shadows
Sweet Shadows
Sweet Shadows

Sweet Shadows

Sweeter Dreams
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Sweet Shadows is a very delicious treat that come straight out of the sweet shop!

Our Sweet Shadows contains 9 delicious pigmented, unique flavors inspired by our favorite desserts! Come on over to get your sugary craving fixing, with our mouth-watering flavors consisting of Blueberry Muffin, Banana Muffin, Candy Corn, Sour Patch, Apple Pie, Sour Patch, Strawberry Crepe, Grape Jelly Donut, and Chocolate Donut. Sweeter Dreams Beauty, has the perfect formula for our youth. We wanted to make sure we leave out the most toxic ingredients inside of our palettes. Sweet Shadows consist of 3 duochrome shades, 2 glittery shades and 4 creamy buttery matte shades! Sweet Shadows can be removed with oil☺️


You can finally have all the desserts your heart desires, without the hassle of your dentist saying “you have cavities” 🦷!


9 delicious pigmented dessert shadows


Get yours before they sell out😉

Cruelty Free

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